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About Us

Executive Recruitment

We have over 25 years of market leading experience

In 1990, founding directors Adrian Wheale, Tony Hodgins and Tom O'Neill realised their ambition to leave the sanitised world of big corporate recruiters and and set up their own business - Wheale Thomas Hodgins plc. Centered on their values of quality, service, transparency and honesty, the business was based on highly personal long-term relationships with a wide range of clients and candidates for mutual gain - what partnership is all about. 


This partnership approach is almost a cliché now but in 1990 it was a radical new approach in a difficult economic climate. Both clients and candidates saw the benefits it would bring them.

Professional intermediaries and the corporate finance community bought into the approach as well. WTH was taken on board by the leading Venture Capitalists 3i who provided WTH with start-up funding.

Now financially independent, WTH still has an excellent relationship with 3i as well as many other VC's and private equity houses. It is this partnering ethos that really sets WTH apart in terms of relationship management, trust and insight with clients, intermediaries and candidates alike. 


WTH has built exceptional networks and relationships through adding value to client's businesses, candidates' careers and professional advisor's positions. The result is that WTH has grown year on year, proving the USP of partnership was and still is what the market needs. 


Working across a diverse range of vertical markets, supply-chains and distribution challenges, WTH is active in all of the major disciplines - finance, sales, marketing, production, operations, purchasing, IT and HR together with general management and Board positions such as Chairman, CEO, COO, FD etc. Acknowledged specialists in Financial Services and the Care Sector WTH is also a market leader in working with entrepreneurial growth businesses. WTH is also very active in sourcing talented people for large corporate and mid-cap/mid-corp Listed Companies. 

The common ingredient is partnership; the glue is insight and integrity. 


With offices in Bristol, Leeds (headed by Steve Broadhurst), Cardiff and London WTH covers the UK and has a foothold in most major financial centres so critical to its corporate finance led activities and in the FS market place. 


For WTH Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a policy, it is a behaviour and WTH strives to be at the heart of the communities where it works. We give time, advice and donations to a wide range of charities including Children Hospice Southwest, The Passage, Business in the Community, Race for Opportunity and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation


Wheale Thomas Hodgins PLC
13 Berkeley Square


Phone: 0117 962 5364 
Fax: 0117 927 2315