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End Point Assessment

Everything Apprentices need to know about LGV Level 2 Endpoint Assessment

Apprenticeship Standard: Large Goods Vehicle(LGV) Driver
Level: 2

This information is written for apprentices who are looking to start or are already working towards achieving the Large Goods Vehicle(LGV) Driver apprenticeship standard at level 2.

Apprentice EPA Information

When you have finished the training part of your apprenticeship you must be tested by someone who has not been involved in your training. These tests are run by independent organisations called End Point Assessment Organisations. The tests are called end point assessments.
Skills for Logistics is an End Point Assessment Organisation approved by a government body called the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).
We are listed on the Register of End Point Assessment Organisations (RoEPAO) which means that your employer and training provider can work with us to conduct your end point assessment (EPA).

EPA is the independent and objective assessment carried out after you have completed your training.

The aim of the test is to confirm that you have fully met the knowledge, skills and behaviour required to be able to undertake your work as a Large Goods Vehicle(LGV) Driver. You have to pass the tests in order to be awarded your apprenticeship and get your certificate.

You take the end point assessment after you have completed a minimum of 12 months of training.

Both your employer and training provider must confirm that you are ready to take the assessment. You are then ready to go to the “gateway point”. This is the point at which you have met all the requirements of the Large Goods Vehicle(LGV) Driver Standard.
You must have completed your Category C driving test before doing the end point assessment. Sometimes your employer may also ask you to complete a Cat C+E test too.
Also, you must have passed English and maths qualifications. Your training provider can tell you more about which qualifications you need before you do the end point assessment.

The EPA has two parts:
Knowledge and Behaviours Test; the test is a mix of structured short answer and scenario based questions.

Driving Test; a practical test of driver skills.

Both parts of the EPA are worth the same. The test is to be undertaken in examination conditions.

About the EPA Test

Grade                                     Mark Required    
Pass                    70% in the knowledge test
                                    70% in the driving test

Distinction        90% in the knowledge test
                                    90% in the driving test

If you get less than 70% in either test then this is a fail. If you only fail one of the two assessments, you will only need to retake the part that you have failed.

You should allow one day to complete the end point assessment. The knowledge test takes an hour. It is normally an on-line test. If you have difficulties with on-line tests please talk to your training provider who can make a request to us, under our special considerations policy.
The practical driving test will take place in a large goods vehicle and will test your practical ability to prepare, drive and control the vehicle in various on-road situations.

Skills for Logistics is a specialist and dedicated sector-based End Point Assessment Organisation offering the Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Driver standard.
We are a not-for-profit organisation and our services are uniquely focussed on the needs of the Logistics, Distribution and Supply industry.
We are committed to supporting the highest quality assessment to secure the future supply of high calibre apprentices for our industry.

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For more information on end point assessment for other apprenticeships please contact us.

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