Skill For Logistics are using ACE360

Skills For Logistics are using the ACE360 portal as part of our plan to simplify the End-Point Assessment process for apprentices, training providers and employers.

What is ACE360?

ACE360 is the apprenticeship management solution launched by the Federation for Industry Sector Skills and Standards (FISSS), which is the designated Certifying Authority for Framework Apprenticeships in England. ACE360 offers a streamlined process for all delivery partners to centrally store and share Apprentice information securely and paper-free.

ACE 360 is the lowest cost solution on the market enabling all organisations the opportunity to access a system that simplifies Apprenticeship Standards. By using ACE360, it will reduce your admin burden at Gateway and into End-Point Assessment in a secure and cost-effective system.

Cost of ACE360

ACE360 registration fee is £5.00 + VAT per apprentice; this is a levy deductible fee from the TNF1 levy payment. The token is refunded back to you if the apprentice leaves within 90 days of starting programme.

By using ACE360, we're able to keep our EPA costs significantly lower, while providing an industry leading platform. Only those learners registered after the 3rd May 2021 will attract the registration fee.

When should you register apprentices?

We recommend that you register your learners on ACE360 as early as possible into their programme. This provides the learner and your skills tutor with access to the Skills for Logistics mock assessment portal, to best prepare learners to achieve their best grades, possible.

Accessing resources

Within ACE360, there is a section where you can access some of Skills for Logistics’ useful resources. You can also provide access to unlimited users, and upload unlimited files, allowing you to stay up-to-date with your admin and simplify the process.

How will it help you?

ACE360 is the most cost-effective solution, brought to you by a trusted organisation that has been supporting the Apprenticeship industry for many years. The Federation has developed ACE360 in line with the needs of industry after building long-standing relationships with employers, training providers, End Point Assessment Organisations and External Quality Assurance Providers.

Here are some key benefits of using ACE360:
• Industry-wide solution, connecting all delivery partners in the Apprenticeship pipeline
• Paperless management of Apprenticeship Standards
• Workflows and notifications, showing progress against Standards, meaning everyone is on the same page
• Secure, cloud-based technology of Apprenticeship Standards
• Ongoing support through helpdesk with a 98% satisfaction rating

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By signing up with ACE360, you will help us in our aim to simplify the EPA process for apprentices and support them in getting the most out of their apprenticeship to build exciting new opportunities in their careers.

Are you ready to make bring peace of mind to your apprentice during their End-Point Assessment?

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