What is the End-Point Assessment?

The End-Point Assessment (EPA) is an independent and objective assessment delivered by End-Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs) to learners that assess the relevant training they have gained throughout their apprenticeships.

Our End-Point Assessments are delivered by VTCT, a government-registered EPAO, for the following standards:

  • ST0257 Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) Driver - EPA 610/1822/3
  • ST1025 Urban Driver EPA - 610/1788/7
  • ST0258 Supply Chain Operator EPA - 610/1823/5
  • ST0259 Supply Chain Warehouse Operative EPA - 610/1825/9
  • ST0103 Express Delivery Operative EPA - 610/1785/1
  • ST0647 Transport/Warehouse Operations Supervisor EPA - 610/1787/5
  • ST0201 Supply Chain Practitioner EPA - 610/1786/3
  • ST0384 Team Leader/Supervisor EPA (AP02 - 610/0252/5) (AP03 - 610/0253/7)
  • ST0539 International Freight Forwarding Specialist EPA - 610/1827/2
  • ST0810 Procurement Supply Assistant EPA - 610/0604/X
  • ST0313 Commercial Procurement & Supply EPA - 610/0605/1

Skills for Logistics provides industry expertise and sector guidance to ensure that each of our valued customers continues to receive excellent and specialist support.

Skills for Logistics is part of the VTCT group. Under our Skillsfirst brand, we offer more EPA standards, including Customer Service, Management and Recruitment.

Why work with Skills for Logistics?

Skills for Logistics provides unrivalled support to all parties throughout the End-Point Assessment process, including:

Our team provides the best customer service, working closely with your staff and their working styles to ensure each learner has the best possible experience and feels supported in their apprenticeship.

Starting with the end in mind, Skills for Logistics engages with and supports apprentices during the start of their apprenticeship. This helps to ensure no surprises at the gateway, and apprentices are best prepared and confident to achieve the best grades possible.

Our End-Point Assessments are undertaken by VTCT as listed on the Department for Education (DfE) Apprenticeship provider and assessment register (APAR).

If you have any questions about the End-Point Assessment, please fill out our contact form or call us at 023 8068 4502.