Decarbonisation 101: Preparing your people for the decarbonisation journey

Skills for Logistics was delighted to join Freight Carbon Zero’s webinar on 31 October. This was a part of Freight Carbon Zero’s ongoing Decarbonisation 101 series to aid commercial vehicle and freight businesses to meet impending carbon zero targets. In partnership with 50 Shades Greener, Skills for Logistics were invited to share our expertise and guidance for employing strategies to reduce carbon emissions.

On the webinar, our Managing Director, David Coombes and Fifty Shades Greener, UK Director of Partnerships, David Cormack helped demystify the complex issues surrounding decarbonisation and simplified the intricacies of carbon emissions reporting and reduction strategies, equipping attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape.

In addition, they highlighted the necessary shifts in behaviour, business culture and practices that decarbonisation will require for businesses to make to succeed.

If you missed the webinar, it is still available for you to watch here.

Substantial and rapid change is coming to the commercial vehicle and freight industry. Embracing this shift is essential, but we also recognise that it requires careful planning and strategic implementation for businesses to thrive. Alongside our partners, 50 Shades Greener, we can be your auditable trail to net zero by 2030:

  • Our programmes have been meticulously mapped to align with funded provisions in the UK.
  • They include a range of logistics apprenticeship standards and funded short-course and Skills Bootcamps.
  • By mapping our programmes to these provisions, we ensure accessibility, affordability, and relevance, empowering individuals to acquire essential green skills.

Skills for Logistics consultancy can help you to create a successful roadmap to decarbonisation; email to book a discovery call with us today.

VTCT Excellence Awards reopens for 2024

We are delighted to announce that the VTCT Excellence Awards are back for 2024, and they promise to be bigger and more inspiring than ever. These awards, introduced last year to celebrate VTCT’s 60th birthday, are dedicated to recognising and celebrating the remarkable work and talent within private training organisations and colleges across the UK and Ireland.

VTCT invites training establishments to nominate the most deserving students, colleagues, and apprentices from VTCT, iTEC, Skillsfirst and Skills for Logistics to receive well-deserved recognition. Furthermore, colleges and training providers can also submit themselves to showcase the incredible work they do to support and nurture these bright talents.

The celebrations will culminate in a collaborative afternoon awards ceremony in July. During this event, the spotlight will be on the students’ remarkable work, providing a platform for their achievements to shine. Not only will students be on hand to offer makeovers to VIP guests, but they will also exhibit their culinary skills by providing catering for the event.

VTCT has enlisted the support of industry experts to serve as judges for the awards. Led by Former Minister for Skills and Apprenticeships, Rt Hon Anne Milton, our distinguished panel of judges includes representatives from brands such as Coca-Cola, NHS, WorldSkills UK, and more.

Alan Woods OBE, Chief Executive of VTCT, expressed his enthusiasm for the VTCT Excellence Awards 2024 saying:

“The VTCT Excellence Awards reflect our organisation’s mission – to inspire our students and educational partners to unlock their potential and thrive in rewarding careers. Last year, we heard stories of students achieving outstanding outcomes despite significant challenges, underscoring the passion and dedication of individuals in the vocational education sector. We witness the incredible work these people undertake daily, and I am personally honoured to have the opportunity to recognise and demonstrate how vital they are to our industry.”

Nominations for the VTCT Excellence Awards 2024 are now open, offering the chance for the brightest talents in Vocational Education to receive the recognition they truly deserve.

To nominate candidates and learn more about the awards, visit

Green Skills for Logistics: National Campaign Launched to Support Net Zero

50-shades-greener-logoIn a ground-breaking collaboration, Fifty Shades Greener, an international sustainability provider with UN-aligned and UN-accredited programmes, has joined forces with Skills for Logistics. This partnership is set to play a pivotal role in assisting the UK logistics sector in embracing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives while gaining a comprehensive understanding of the timelines associated with the adoption of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Notably, these initiatives have a track record of reducing utility bills by an impressive 30% and cutting CO2 emissions by 22%, accompanied by tangible, action-based mass behavioural changes.

The primary objective of this campaign is to actively involve the logistics sector in the implementation of ESG-focused training. This training covers a spectrum of skills levels, from foundation to leadership sustainability. (Detailed below.) By doing so, it aligns seamlessly with the fundamental principles of ESG, empowering companies to elevate their environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and governance practices. Simultaneously, it enables them to reduce costs and CO2 emissions, rendering them more appealing to stakeholders and fostering the development of a sustainable and resilient business model.

The Green Skills for Logistics programmes operates across four levels all supported by its unique data portal:

  • Sustainability
  • Green Skills for Life
  • Green Skills for Managers
  • ESG for Leaders

This partnership is poised to make a substantial contribution to the promotion of sustainability within organisations, the adoption of responsible business practices, and the reinforcement of green branding.

As part of this campaign, a series of free discovery events for the logistics sector is being funded. These half-day events hold significant importance, as they yield a crucial output: a detailed report outlining the steps taken to become part of an auditable trail leading toward achieving net-zero emissions.

For logistics organisations looking to embark on a transformative journey toward sustainability, the time is now.

Reach out to us today to learn how you can be a part of this revolutionary campaign and play an integral role in driving the logistics sector toward a sustainable, net-zero future.

Let’s make a difference together!

VTCT announces Skills for Logistics joining the VTCT group

VTCT is delighted to announce that they have acquired the most extensive logistics sector specialist organisation, Skills for Logistics Ltd. As of 2nd June 2023, Skills for Logistics is now part of the VTCT charitable group of companies.

The move combines the strengths of both the VTCT group and Skills for Logistics to fortify their position as leaders within the apprenticeship market and enhance the logistics consultancy services offered to employers, centres and learners.

Skills for Logistics is the largest sector specialist organisation with an extensive customer base, enjoying a 25% apprenticeship assessment market share with a wide range of apprenticeships, including LGV Drivers, Supply Chain Warehouse Operatives, Supply Chain Practitioner, International Freight Forwarding and Commercial Procurement and Supply.

‘We are confident that by bringing together Skills for Logistics, alongside Skillsfirst, iTEC and VTCT, we will be able to enhance the experience we offer learners and employers while continuing to provide the excellent service our approved centres expect from us’, said Alan Woods OBE, Chief Executive VTCT. ‘This widening of our group structure aligns with our growth strategy to continue the development of our portfolio. This acquisition is a huge opportunity for VTCT and Skills for Logistics to grow together, and we look forward to working with our new colleagues in Bristol to achieve our strategic objectives together.’

‘We are excited by the potential for both organisations to offer a wider range of apprenticeships and other services in the UK and beyond’, said David Coombes, Managing Director Skills for Logistics. ‘We would like to assure Skills for Logistics customers, employers and training providers that there will be no interruption to your service, and you will continue to be supported as usual in the best way possible by your regular team. Should you have any queries about this, please speak to your Skills for Logistics or VTCT contact, who will be happy to help you with any questions’.

Off to a rolling start! WSM highlights candidates’ satisfaction with B+E training

To help drivers obtain the knowledge, skills, and competencies to tow trailers safely, the DVSA has officially recognised the Skills for Logistics accreditation scheme giving training providers a stamp of approval to deliver B+E training.

Aimed at training providers across the UK, Skills for Logistics help to ensure that training is conducted within a safe and professional environment. Since its launch in mid-May 2022, there are now some 30 members of the Skills for Logistics B+E accreditation scheme.

One such member, WSM Training, recently conducted their first training course, attended by Jackie Buckham,

“I have just completed the accredited trailer training course with WSM Training. The whole process, from booking to completing the course, was professional. I have done a lot of training, and this was a top-class experience. I was a complete beginner. However, the trainer was very competent and reassuring, and the training was 1-1, so it was possible to ask for and get exactly what I needed from the course. The theory and practical parts of the course were both excellent, and the Trainer was professional, friendly, experienced, and responsive to my needs with great teaching and feedback. I would highly recommend it.”

Find out more about our B+E Accreditation Scheme here.

DVSA launches SfL as accrediting body for B+E scheme

Towing trailers safely has become an important issue, and the government has taken action to help drivers be competent in towing safely. To help motorists overcome this obstacle, the DVSA has launched a Trailer Training Accreditation Scheme as part of their plan to help motorists develop their skills, knowledge, and competence in safe trailer towing.

Persuading drivers to obtain training from accredited training centres whether they are towing for the first time and in need of practical training will help keep Britain’s roads safe.

Baroness Vere of Norbition, Minister for Roads explains:

“Towing safely is an important issue and I urge drivers to access the training to help keep Britain’s roads safe. The new accreditation scheme will help them to get targeted training and improve their driving skills. I want to thank the trailer training industry, stakeholders and our partners for their commitment and support in developing this training scheme over the last few months”.

The National Council

To help monitor the scheme, the DVSA established the National Council for Accredited Trailer Training (NCATT) to provide a forum on how people responded to the training they received from accredited training centres.

Its members are the Department for Transport (DfT), the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and the Accrediting Bodies.

The Accrediting Bodies

The Accrediting Bodies are responsible for setting up accreditation for training centres to deliver trailer towing training.

The DVSA have formally recognised three accrediting bodies:

  • Skills for Logistics
  • *The Safe Towing Scheme
  • The National Register of LGV Instructors

*(Jointly run by the National Trailer and Towing Association and Diamond Advanced Motorist)

Find out more about our accredited B+E members.

Accredited Training Providers

Training centres & instructors that have been accredited will provide professional training to motorists and follow the national syllabus for car and trailer towing.

They will benefit from being part of a scheme which the government, the accrediting bodies and industry will regularly promote and support as the best way to get the skills and knowledge needed to tow safely.

Launching the Trailer Towing Scheme

The Department for Transport (DfT) and DVSA are supporting the scheme and promoting the benefits of getting professional training. Further details about the training scheme are available on the DVSA Trailer Accreditation Scheme Stakeholder Toolkit.

Mark Winn, DVSA Chief Driving Examiner comments:

“The scheme has been launched to help everyone who plans to tow to do so safely. Training providers who become accredited through the scheme can promote their courses to motorists.

DVSA will be encouraging anyone who tows for leisure or business to find a training provider using the accreditation scheme”.

Find out more about our B+E accreditation scheme