Happy Apprenticeship Week! It may seem unusual for an End-Point Assessment Organisation to want to talk about “what apprenticeships mean for them”, considering our interaction with apprentices is minimal in comparison to training providers and employers. However, we’d like to elaborate on how apprenticeships are the key to improving and supporting the logistics sector we care so much about!

The sector is undergoing unprecedented change globally and there are a number of challenges that lie ahead. With the talent pool diminishing, an over reliance on EU labour – not to mention the problems Brexit poses. The apprenticeship levy can act as a structured and incentivised toolkit for the sector. There has never been a more prominent time to upskill our workforce in a way employer’s actually need in order to help mitigate some of these issues. Apprenticeships offer the logistics industry a dynamic and lean way to plug the vital skills gap and present a rich and viable career path within a sector that still isn’t really acknowledged in its own right.

It’s not all about the sector specialist apprenticeships though. It’s evident that emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are making waves in the sector. It is these technologies that are modernising the sector, with the likes of self-driving vehicles and automated warehouses. The sector should be looking to the technology and engineering based apprenticeships to leverage across emerging talent and best practices that would be fundamentally sector agnostic.

How do we fit in?

Our mission is to raise awareness and promote career opportunities in the logistics, supply chain and distribution industries. We want to help build a pipeline of talented, subject matter experts to enter the sector and increase the attractiveness of careers within. We are working to achieve this through our interactive and immersive EPA portal that helps facilitate the apprentices learning experience. We’re also shouting proudly about the fantastic career opportunities the sector presents and utilising our consultancy expertise to work in a collaborative partnership with employers and training providers.

So it’s time to take action, invest in future talent, take on an apprentice! Not sure how to best utilise your levy pot? or which apprenticeship would best suit your organisations requirements? Talk to one of our customer focused team members for your very own innovative solution!

6th March 2019
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