The Driver and Vehicle Standards Authority (DVSA) has initiated a new towing accreditation scheme following the decision taken by Department for Transport to scrap mandatory training and testing for the B+E category.

Role of the National Council for Accredited Trailer Training

As part of the new trailer towing accreditation scheme, the DVSA will be accrediting training organisations via the National Council for Accredited Trailer Training (NCATT), a partnership between DVSA, trailer stakeholder groups, Department for Transport, and the accrediting bodies, including Skills for Logistics.

The role of NCATT will be to act through a forum where strategic issues can be discussed. It will also monitor the performance of the training syllabus and whether overall standards are met.

Skills for Logistics and other accrediting bodies will operate the scheme and accredit training centres and instructors to deliver quality-approved trailer training.

Purpose of the new scheme

The new trailer training scheme aims to:

  • Ensure drivers who are towing trailers for business and leisure purposes have the skills, knowledge, and competencies to tow safely
  • Make sure an employer’s corporate responsibilities ensure safe working practices are being met for their staff towing trailers in connection with their work.

The road ahead

As of now, three training organisations have been accredited by the DVSA as accrediting bodies. These include the National Trailer & Towing Association, National Register of LGV Instructors, and Skills for Logistics.

A spokesman from DVSA has explained the purpose of the new scheme:

“The government is committed to encouraging drivers to get professional training before towing for leisure or business.

The trailer training accreditation scheme aims to ensure drivers who want to tow a trailer for leisure or business have the skills, knowledge, and competencies to tow safely. And for those towing a trailer in connection with their work, to help ensure an employer’s corporate responsibilities to make sure safe working practices are met.”

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