Towing trailers safely has become an important issue, and the government has taken action to help drivers be competent in towing safely. To help motorists overcome this obstacle, the DVSA has launched a Trailer Training Accreditation Scheme as part of their plan to help motorists develop their skills, knowledge, and competence in safe trailer towing.

Persuading drivers to obtain training from accredited training centres whether they are towing for the first time and in need of practical training will help keep Britain’s roads safe.

Baroness Vere of Norbition, Minister for Roads explains:

“Towing safely is an important issue and I urge drivers to access the training to help keep Britain’s roads safe. The new accreditation scheme will help them to get targeted training and improve their driving skills. I want to thank the trailer training industry, stakeholders and our partners for their commitment and support in developing this training scheme over the last few months”.

The National Council

To help monitor the scheme, the DVSA established the National Council for Accredited Trailer Training (NCATT) to provide a forum on how people responded to the training they received from accredited training centres.

Its members are the Department for Transport (DfT), the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and the Accrediting Bodies.

The Accrediting Bodies

The Accrediting Bodies are responsible for setting up accreditation for training centres to deliver trailer towing training.

The DVSA have formally recognised three accrediting bodies:

  • Skills for Logistics
  • *The Safe Towing Scheme
  • The National Register of LGV Instructors

*(Jointly run by the National Trailer and Towing Association and Diamond Advanced Motorist)

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Accredited Training Providers

Training centres & instructors that have been accredited will provide professional training to motorists and follow the national syllabus for car and trailer towing.

They will benefit from being part of a scheme which the government, the accrediting bodies and industry will regularly promote and support as the best way to get the skills and knowledge needed to tow safely.

Launching the Trailer Towing Scheme

The Department for Transport (DfT) and DVSA are supporting the scheme and promoting the benefits of getting professional training. Further details about the training scheme are available on the DVSA Trailer Accreditation Scheme Stakeholder Toolkit.

Mark Winn, DVSA Chief Driving Examiner comments:

“The scheme has been launched to help everyone who plans to tow to do so safely. Training providers who become accredited through the scheme can promote their courses to motorists.

DVSA will be encouraging anyone who tows for leisure or business to find a training provider using the accreditation scheme”.

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