Off to a rolling start! WSM highlights candidates’ satisfaction with B+E training

To help drivers obtain the knowledge, skills, and competencies to tow trailers safely, the DVSA has officially recognised the Skills for Logistics accreditation scheme giving training providers a stamp of approval to deliver B+E training.

Aimed at training providers across the UK, Skills for Logistics help to ensure that training is conducted within a safe and professional environment. Since its launch in mid-May 2022, there are now some 30 members of the Skills for Logistics B+E accreditation scheme.

One such member, WSM Training, recently conducted their first training course, attended by Jackie Buckham,

“I have just completed the accredited trailer training course with WSM Training. The whole process, from booking to completing the course, was professional. I have done a lot of training, and this was a top-class experience. I was a complete beginner. However, the trainer was very competent and reassuring, and the training was 1-1, so it was possible to ask for and get exactly what I needed from the course. The theory and practical parts of the course were both excellent, and the Trainer was professional, friendly, experienced, and responsive to my needs with great teaching and feedback. I would highly recommend it.”

Find out more about our B+E Accreditation Scheme here.

DVSA launches SfL as accrediting body for B+E scheme

Towing trailers safely has become an important issue, and the government has taken action to help drivers be competent in towing safely. To help motorists overcome this obstacle, the DVSA has launched a Trailer Training Accreditation Scheme as part of their plan to help motorists develop their skills, knowledge, and competence in safe trailer towing.

Persuading drivers to obtain training from accredited training centres whether they are towing for the first time and in need of practical training will help keep Britain’s roads safe.

Baroness Vere of Norbition, Minister for Roads explains:

“Towing safely is an important issue and I urge drivers to access the training to help keep Britain’s roads safe. The new accreditation scheme will help them to get targeted training and improve their driving skills. I want to thank the trailer training industry, stakeholders and our partners for their commitment and support in developing this training scheme over the last few months”.

The National Council

To help monitor the scheme, the DVSA established the National Council for Accredited Trailer Training (NCATT) to provide a forum on how people responded to the training they received from accredited training centres.

Its members are the Department for Transport (DfT), the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and the Accrediting Bodies.

The Accrediting Bodies

The Accrediting Bodies are responsible for setting up accreditation for training centres to deliver trailer towing training.

The DVSA have formally recognised three accrediting bodies:

  • Skills for Logistics
  • *The Safe Towing Scheme
  • The National Register of LGV Instructors

*(Jointly run by the National Trailer and Towing Association and Diamond Advanced Motorist)

Find out more about our accredited B+E members.

Accredited Training Providers

Training centres & instructors that have been accredited will provide professional training to motorists and follow the national syllabus for car and trailer towing.

They will benefit from being part of a scheme which the government, the accrediting bodies and industry will regularly promote and support as the best way to get the skills and knowledge needed to tow safely.

Launching the Trailer Towing Scheme

The Department for Transport (DfT) and DVSA are supporting the scheme and promoting the benefits of getting professional training. Further details about the training scheme are available on the DVSA Trailer Accreditation Scheme Stakeholder Toolkit.

Mark Winn, DVSA Chief Driving Examiner comments:

“The scheme has been launched to help everyone who plans to tow to do so safely. Training providers who become accredited through the scheme can promote their courses to motorists.

DVSA will be encouraging anyone who tows for leisure or business to find a training provider using the accreditation scheme”.

Find out more about our B+E accreditation scheme


DVSA backs Skills for Logistics new trailer towing scheme


The Driver and Vehicle Standards Authority (DVSA) has initiated a new towing accreditation scheme following the decision taken by Department for Transport to scrap mandatory training and testing for the B+E category.

Role of the National Council for Accredited Trailer Training

As part of the new trailer towing accreditation scheme, the DVSA will be accrediting training organisations via the National Council for Accredited Trailer Training (NCATT), a partnership between DVSA, trailer stakeholder groups, Department for Transport, and the accrediting bodies, including Skills for Logistics.

The role of NCATT will be to act through a forum where strategic issues can be discussed. It will also monitor the performance of the training syllabus and whether overall standards are met.

Skills for Logistics and other accrediting bodies will operate the scheme and accredit training centres and instructors to deliver quality-approved trailer training.

Purpose of the new scheme

The new trailer training scheme aims to:

  • Ensure drivers who are towing trailers for business and leisure purposes have the skills, knowledge, and competencies to tow safely
  • Make sure an employer’s corporate responsibilities ensure safe working practices are being met for their staff towing trailers in connection with their work.

The road ahead

As of now, three training organisations have been accredited by the DVSA as accrediting bodies. These include the National Trailer & Towing Association, National Register of LGV Instructors, and Skills for Logistics.

A spokesman from DVSA has explained the purpose of the new scheme:

“The government is committed to encouraging drivers to get professional training before towing for leisure or business.

The trailer training accreditation scheme aims to ensure drivers who want to tow a trailer for leisure or business have the skills, knowledge, and competencies to tow safely. And for those towing a trailer in connection with their work, to help ensure an employer’s corporate responsibilities to make sure safe working practices are met.”

Read more about how training instructors can get accredited under our new scheme

DVSA launches B+E training syllabus for safe work practices

The DVSA has launched a new trailer towing accreditation training scheme which will give Britain’s drivers the choice to be fully equipped with the skills, knowledge, and understanding of towing trailers safely.

The scheme will be launched in two phases, the first of which will be to establish a network of accredited training centres and instructors. Phase 2 will be to cascade the accredited training to candidates in early May. The scheme is designed for corporate organisations wishing to ensure their employees are fully trained, complying with Health & Safety requirements, and for other motorists towing trailers and caravans for leisure and pleasure.

DVSA has given official recognition of the Skills for Logistics B+E (trailer towing) accreditation scheme where we will accredit training centres and instructors and provide quality assurance and certification.

Find out more about the Skills for Logistics B+E accreditation scheme and how you can apply.

skills for logistics supports trailblazer group procedural review
Supporting Trailblazer Group Procedural Review

Important article in Motor Transport regarding the new reduced amount allocated to fund two new LGV Driver Apprenticeships by the Institute for Apprenticeships & Technical Education (IFATE). Skills for Logistics has spoken to many training providers about this, all of whom believe it would not be in the interests of employers or apprentices to offer a sub-standard programme at a cut price. Thoughts on this very welcome and the road haulage Trailblazer Group (TBG) is seeking support for a procedural review.

Please read the article from Motor Transport here: Read more

July Restart for LGV and PCV Vocational Training

We are delighted at the announcement from the DVSA yesterday that LGV and PCV Vocational Training can resume from next month, albeit on a limited basis for the time being. Having worked closely with the DVSA during the pandemic, we are delighted to have been able to support and represent the industry’s concerns during this difficult few months.

Skills for Logistics continues to support LGV training businesses to ensure DVSA grow examiner capacity to 100,000 to meet the backlog and new increasing future demand.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to solve the 60,000 driver shortage, providing a worthwhile career to those looking to join our vibrant and innovative sector!!

Allez Calais !